Patient Testimonials

Jerry C.  4/5 Stars Rating  

(Verified Patient 2017 ZocDoc)

"She was pleasant. Office was clean. Staff was great. My first visit so a lot of paperwork so my wait was long".


Fabiola T.   5/5 Stars Rating    

(Verified Patient 2017 ZocDoc)

"It was a great first visit. She was very understanding and flexible".

Anon Patient  5/5 Stars Rating    

(Verified Patient 2017 ZocDoc)     

"She was awesome, understanding, compassionate, and answered my questions. Started helping me right away in the process to try to conceive a baby. Love her and I am thankful I found her through ZocDoc on time".

Olivia P.   4/5 Stars Rating

(Verified Patient 2017 Google Review)

"She is very personable and listens to what you have to say. She was great with me and made the overall experience comfortable being that I had never been to a GYNO before and was a little hesitant at first! She is a wonderful doctor, and I would highly recommend!"


Melinda G.   5/5 Stars Rating    

(Verified Patient 2016 ZocDoc)

"Dr. Amui-Bellon is awesome! She answered my questions, took time to ask about my history, and did more of an exam than any doctor I have been to in this field".

Christine M.  5/5 Stars Rating  

(Verified Patient 2016 ZocDoc)

"Dr. Amui-Bellon was extremely professional and at the same time made me feel very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an OBGYN".

Jaqueline M.  4/5 Stars Rating    

(Verified Patient 2016 ZocDoc)

"I had to wait almost two hours to be seen, which was frustrating b/c I made an 8 am appt. thinking I would be in and out. However, Dr. Amui-Bellon apologized profusely for the delay and explained that she likes to take time with each of her patients to really talk to them and get to know them (which is so rare these days). 

Dr. Amui-Bellon was true to her word and took her time asking me questions and answering mine. She was kind and put me at ease immediately. I will definitely continue seeing her as I feel the quality of care outweighed the negativity of the long wait time".

A Special Review & Tesimonial for 2017

Jasmine S.   5/5 Stars Rating  (Verified Patient 2017 Google Review)    

 "I honestly and without reservation highly recommend the medical and professional services of Dr. Amui-Bellon @ Women for Women. I am currently a regular patient of Dr. Amui since February 2017. I personally know her to be a very caring, considerate, reasonable and, dedicated to me as her patient. She keeps her schedule and attends to me & her patients promptly with grace & respect; if she is running late, which is rarely & due to circumstances beyond her control at the hospitals where she is also caring for other patients. She quickly makes herself apologetically to her entire sitting patients waiting on her. She is a very professional and compassionate doctor full of MEDICAL WISDOM. While deferring all the glory to God Almighty for His miracle in saving my life, I am nevertheless exceptionally happy that Dr. Amui is my doctor. Without Dr. Amui I probably would not be alive to give this testimony. I would unequivocally and confidently state that Dr. Amui cured me and helped to save my life. I had a health condition with vicious fibroids affecting major organs, which MANY doctors after having me go through series of medical examinations that simply and honestly concluded that there was no hope for me. It was in this hopeless and frightening state that I became a patient of Dr. Amui-Bellon from the referral of my personal physician. After Dr. Amui initially examined me and reviewed all my previous medical hx, she encouraged me and informed me that my condition would unavoidably and necessarily require surgery, which she urgently performed. In addition, during the surgery she encounters intestinal issues beyond her profession but her major thoughts were to save my life. Dr. Amui subsequently called in a team of medical specialist and I had a surgery which took over six (6) hours and I am alive and in good health today.  Subsequently, after my surgery Dr. Amui visited my bedside every night up to the day of discharge before she goes home to her family to personally check my vitals and emotional well-being. In addition, her dedicated and caring staff called me repeatedly at home to check on my recovery. With the emotional support and caring I received from Dr. Amui and her staff, coupled with her sensitivity to my severe health condition, my courage was renewed. I became reenergized and began to feel some sense of new hope for her to further assist in my fertility issues to bless my husband with a baby soon.  I Highly recommend Dr. Dr. Amui-Bellon @ Women for Women medical services to ANYONE who needs a professional, caring, amiable and sensitive doctor imbued with humility, wisdom and integrity.  “Gynecological Issues.” There is Hope!"

Dr. Amui-Bellon M.D.

Our patients word of mouth, and personal referrals, are the Best Advertising for WFWMA.

" It is my passion and committment to provide expert and individualized Obgyn Healthcare for Women".

Sheryl Price reviewed Women For Women Medical Associates — 5 /5 Stars  

February 2, 2018 on Facebook:

"Dr Amui Bellon is Fabulous, and a truly caring Doctor!!   She is helping me get my life back after menopause and I'm ever grateful.  She is the only Gynecologist in my life who got a true PAP Smear from me.   

I have a tilted & turned around cervix. She explained if I pull my legs back in butterfly pose( a yoga pose) she can pull my cervix forward and get in it :-)  

I also had the Mona Lisa Laser done on my uterus and inner labia to revive & renew my vaginal walls, and it was AWESOME!!  I'm having sex with my Love again!! YAY!   Her staff are Lovely. You are greeted with big smiles and caring hearts!   I've referred the practice many times and carry her cards with me.   Blessings to what she has created and may the practice continue to thrive !"

Candice W.  4/5 Stars Rating

(Verified Patient 2017 ZocDoc)

"Very thorough and professional"

Karlee W.   5/5 Stars Rating

(Verified Patient 2017 ZocDoc)

"Very warm and comfortable. Dr was also very compassionate".



(Patient 2011)

"As you are aware, I am no novice at IVF and have had numerous gynecological visits and procedures done. Of all the procedures that I have ever had done, none was as smooth as the transfer that Dr. Amui did for me . I’ll be forever grateful to you and your staff! You all loved me through the darkest days and encouraged me every step of the way. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring forth life. I will always cherish the efforts of Mom, Mrs. Barbara, Tiquana, Tina, and Kim"...

Susan and K.O.   

(Patient 2010)

"Our Dear Dr. Amui, we cannot find the appropriate verbal, or literal expression of our sincerest heartfelt gratitude to God for the miracle. God works through people. God worked our miracle through you, Dr. Amui. 

THANK YOU. God Bless You"...

Dana B.  4/5 Stars Rating  

(Verified Patient 2017 ZocDoc)

     "Amazing, amazing ,amazing. She's excellent at what she does. I HIGHLY recommend her".    

 V.M. and Family       

 (Patient 2014)     

"I want you to know that everything this card says is true - I do thank God for you and for the most incredible gift - Luke !!! It is truly amazing and miraculous how beautiful inside and out he is... Thank You"...